Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 14.40.17Yandex just announced [in Russian] on their corporate blog for webmasters that the formula used for calculating website Thematic Index of Citation (TIC) was updated yesterday, June 8. Yandex TIC is an equivalent of Google Pagerank, but unlike Pagerank, TIC still gets regular updates and gives quite relicable indication about website’s authority.

The main changes in the TIC calculation formula concern inbound link-based signals, which is in line with the latest changes in Yandex search algorithm. In addition to that, many “outdated” signals were excluded from the formula, writes Yandex, without giving more details.

According to Russian SEO community, the value of TIC has changed for many sites since yesterday. The idea of TIC is still the same though: sites with more authority get higher scores.

Anna Oshkalo

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