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Improve your visibility, conversion and usability for the Russian market!

We are happy to present a new service — the digital website analysis for the Russian market. The complete website audit covering everything from SEO, SEM to Social Media. This is a must for everyone that want to master the search engines in Russia!

This is not a “one size fits all” solution. The information in the analysis contains detailed hands-on advice only for your web site. This is a tailored analysis to make your website reach the top of your vertical in the Russian search engines.

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Price and delivery time for the analysis

The price for the analysis is only €749. (Detailed information of what is included in the price you find below). This is a very competitive price compared to what other companies charge for similar services.

Estimated project time is between 2-3 weeks.

This is included in the analysis

The digital website analysis presents an unbiased online overview regarding your web property with focus on the Russian market. We will assist you to evaluate the online assets and offer advice based on findings from our experience and from the competitor analysis.The analysis covers all of the following factors  and the delivery will contain a detailed report on each of the points.

On-site analysis

  • Control that proper site architecture is applied.
  • Control that proper code semantics are applied, titles, headers etc.
  • Content analysis (covering both volume and quality)
  • Control that proper internal navigation and sitemaps are implemented.
  • Deep analysis of potential issues with crawling and indexing by search engine bots.
  • Control of site load times and potential code bloating issues.
  • Current search engine indexing analysis, check for duplicate content issues, unnecessary pages in the index etc.

Off-site analysis

  • Inbound link analysis. (covering both volume and quality).
  • Inbound linking strategy recommendations.

SEM analysis

  • Analysis on how the main competitors work with SEM on the Russian market.
  • Suggestions on how the client should work with SEM for best return of investment.

Social media analysis

  • Analysis on how the main competitors work with the Russian social media services.
  • Suggestions on how the client should work with social media in Russia.

We use a number of external tools to create the report. Everything from third party keyword tools to Yandex and Google tools.

About us

anna_bildWe receive questions on a daily basis on how to enter the Russian search market. It is wonderful to get all these questions from people that follow the blog. Since most of them want to work with us in different ways we have decided to create a product that covers most of the questions you have.

The analysis is done manually by myself together with a few other highly experienced experts that I work together with.

Looking forward to work with you! :)
Founder of Russian Search Tips