SEO and SEM for Russian search engines



My name is Anna. I am a Russian expat living in Stockholm and I am the author of Russian Search Tips – the first blog in English dedicated to digital marketing in Russia.

I started Russian Search Tips back in 2009, a year when I got in touch with the first client trying to enter the Russian market. I realized that, despite the growing interest towards Russian market in Europe, there was hardly any information about Russian online marketing available in English. And so I started writing.

During the years of writing and working with various Russian projects I have been lucky to meet lots of amazing people from Russian digital industry – from SEOs and PPC experts to key personas at Yandex, founders of exciting startups and CEOs of large Russian online companies.

Yandex is an amazing phenomenon of the modern digital world. It is local, it is huge, it is the fastest growing search engine in the world. It perfectly understands semantics of one of the hardest languages on Earth, completely dominating the market and leaving the world’s leader of search Google far behind. It is driven by amazing people and surely has bright future ahead.

Russian Search Tips for me is a way to share the information I believe is valuable and to find people, who share the same interests and passion.

If you have any questions, need help with Russian search marketing, or just want to have a chat about Russian digital marketing, feel free to drop me a few lines through the contact form or connect with me on Google+ or Twitter!