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New “callout” feature on Yandex Direct to increase CTR

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Now you can put a “callout” as an additional line in a Yandex PPC ad. According to Yandex, callouts can increase an ad CTR by 3%.

What is a callout? It’s a new feature on a PPC platform Yandex.Direct – short texts in ads which make them stand out in Yandex SERP and attract more visitors to the advertised websites.

In callout texts, advertisers can highlight special features of their products or services, offers, calls to action or any other information to draw attention of potential customers. So, together with sitelinks, vCards and ad texts, callouts can increase an ad visibility and CTR by at least 3%. It’s also good to know that callouts are non-clickable and won’t affect CPC of your ads.

How callouts are displayed

Callouts show up on Yandex search results in the ads in 1st place premium placement and only on desktops. They are displayed as one more line at the bottom of an ad:

Callout Displayed

How to add callouts

Callouts can be added in Yandex.Direct interface, Yandex.Direct API and in Excel files, but they are not available in Direct Commander yet.

You can add a callout when you create new ads and campaigns. To add a callout to an existing ad group in Yandex.Direct, go to Edit group → Add extensions → Callouts → Add:

Callout Direct

Any ad can have as many callouts as can fit into one ad line, which is 66 characters (including spaces). However, a text of each callout is restricted to 25 characters (including spaces). You insert callouts to an ad one by one and then they are displayed exactly in the order you were adding them. Since callouts can’t be edited, when you have to change a callout you need to delete it and create a new one.

Importantly, if an ad uses all the extensions (callouts, sitelinks and a vCard), the Yandex.Market store ranking won’t be shown anymore: it will be replaced by a callout. Once callouts are set up, you can use them for different ads and campaigns.

With callouts, Yandex gives us more space for more text – to get creative, experiment and stand out from competitors’ crowd!

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