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Top social networks in Russia: latest trends, winter 2015-2016

Social generalBrand Analytics has come up with a new study on active social media users in Russia for winter 2015-2016. We get fresh insights and stats on the user audience, their age, gender and writing behavior on Russia’s social platforms. Let’s see where advertisers will most likely find their Russian customers in 2016!

Main social media trends

1. Instagram. Instagram user base in Russia is rapidly growing, and the majority of Instagram users are also actively using other social media – there’s more than 50% of message cross-posting between Instagram and other social networks.

2. Facebook. Facebook in Russia continues to grow. Interestingly, this growth is mainly due to the visitors using Facebook for business communication. Brand Analytics found out that business topics discussed by Russians in Facebook often take more than 30% of all business-related messages in the social media.

3. Twitter. The Russian part of Twitter is getting slightly less active. On the plus side, spambots in Twitter got less active as well, even though they still make up more than 30% of tweets.

Monthly audience by channel

Compared to last year, monthly audience of most social networks in Russia has slightly decreased, but there are positive trends as well. VKontakte (Vk), the largest Russia’s social network, is still in the leading position, having 46.6 million visitors in December 2015.Social media users 2016*TNS Web Index, Russia, 12-64 age group, November 2015. Data on Twitter is based on the number of users per day and week, and frequency of visits per month

It is followed by Odnoklassniki which attracted 31.5 million users. Facebook audience in December 2015 reached 21.7 million people while Moi Mir (My World) and LiveJournal had 16.6 and 15.2 million visitors respectively. Twitter had 7.7. million Russian users at the end of 2015, while the audience of Instagram accounted for 12.3 million users, which is an impressive 2 million increase, compared to 2014 results.

User activity

The number of people writing messages on Russia’s social networks varies greatly from media to media. All in all, in December 2015 there were about 37 million of active authors who wrote 588 million messages a month.

By the number of authors, VKontakte is at the top of the list – 18.8 million of unique writers. The second place is taken by Instagram showing an incredible growth: in December 2015, this network had 10.6 million authors, which is almost 5 times more than it was in spring. Following Facebook and Odnoklassniki, Twitter is only the 5th in the list – the number of active writers on it is slightly more than 1 million.Authors and posts 2016Russia, December 2015

As for the number of daily messages posted on social networks, no big changes were spotted. VKontakte has still the largest number of them, followed by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, Twitter continues to lead by the engagement level, even though the average number of posts slightly dropped in winter – on average, there were 90 messages a month per author. Then comes LiveJournal – 49 posts per author and Facebook – 39 posts per author, on average. VKontakte and Odnoklassniki are very close in these numbers – 15 and 14 posts per author respectively.

Users’ gender and age

Over the past six months, social media in Russia has “grown up” and the share of authors under 18 years old decreased, although the youngsters still choose VKontakte the most. LiveJournal and VKontakte are dominated by authors of 18-24 and 25-34 years old, while other networks are used by 25-34 and 35-44 year olds. Unluckily, for Twitter and Instagram there’s no information on age available.Gender and ageRussia, December 2015

Finally, when it comes to gender, social networks in Russia are dominated by women, especially in Instagram and Odnoklassniki (77.1% and 69.1% of all active users respectively), while the men are more active only in LiveJournal and Twitter.

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