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Russia reaches 84 million Internet users and 70.4% Internet penetration in 2015

Russian Internet audience has been growing very rapidly for the last decade. In 2014 Russian online population reached 80 million users, and increased by another 4 million during 2015, reports Gfk [in Russian] in their recent research.

Internet penetration in Russia also became higher during 2015. Now 70.4% of people of 16+ age are Internet users.


The increase of Internet usage is largely facilitated by fast adoption of smartphones and tablets in Russia. According to Gfk, usage of the Internet from smartphones more than doubled during last year. Today Internet access from mobile devices is available to approximately 50 million people, which is 42% of Russia’s adult population.

In 2015 37.2% of Russians accessed the Internet from their smartphone and 19.2% – from a tablet (17.6% and 8.4% in 2014).


The growth of mobile Internet usage is also party fuelled by increased availability of Wi-Fi access points and by data packages offers from mobile operators. 14% of Russia’s smartphone users and 34% of Russia’s tablet users access the internet solely over Wi-Fi. The rest use both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections.



Overall, the growth of Internet audience in Russia in 2015 was mainly the result of higher percentage of older people getting online.

Internet penetration among millennials in Russia (16-29 years) reached maximum values already in previous years, and according to GfK is now 97%.


In 2015 young people started actively surfing the Internet from mobile devices. 16-29 year olds have the highest share of Internet usage from smartphones (70%) and tablets (35%).

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