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Meet extended geotargeting feature in Yandex.Direct

Yandex.Direct geotagreting has always been a lot less sophisticated in comparison to Google AdWords. While AdWords provides possibilities to target locations as precise as a radius around specific city or even metro area or a ZIP code, in Yandex.Direct we can only target people living in a specific region and/or in main large cities in Russia.

Until now Yandex.Direct did not officially support targeting based on search intent, however their machine learning technology MatrixNet took care of that to some extent.

I summarized the available geotargeting options of both AdWords and Yandex.Direct in one of my earlier posts:


Recently Yandex added 200 more cities to their geotargeting options, and last week they came out with another improvement to geotargeting for their PPC platform – extended geo-targeting based on locations mentioned in search queries.

This targeting option will be enabled by default for all search campaigns in Yandex.Direct in about two weeks’ time.

What is extended geo-targeting in Yandex.Direct?

Currently geotargeting in Yandex.Direct limits the locations where ads are show to the locations specified in the campaign geotargeting settings. Extended geotargeting will enable advertisers to show ads not only to users in the targeted country/region/city, but also to users in other locations searching for products or services in the targeted country/region/city.

This feature is very similar to AdWords “People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location” option, which Google introduced already back in 2012.


This targeting option will allow Yandex PPC buyers to extend the reach of their campaigns, while Yandex users will still receive relevant suggestions for specifically-defined location queries.

Extended geotargeting will be enabled automatically for all existing campaigns, and will be a default setting for newly created Yandex.Direct campaigns.

The setting can be disabled already now in geotargeting settings in the Yandex.Direct web interface or in Direct Commander.

Moderation of the ads will take place according to the rules of the targeted region, but certain restrictions may be applied according to the advertising laws of the country/region where the ads will be displayed. It is possible that an ad which passes moderation in the targeting region won’t be displayed in other locations because of differences in advertising laws.

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