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Important: Yandex bot starts reading JavaScripts and CSS

yandex-searchLast week Yandex reported [in Russian] in their blog for webmasters that the search engine’s crawler started reading JavaScripts and CSS in order to receive more detailed insights about web pages, as well as to see how content is displayed for the user in the browser. Thanks to this, Yandex is now able to better evaluate website interface, get access to the content which was not visible to the bot before and compare this information to the data that was used for rankings in the past.

At the moment JavaScript and CSS are used only for assessment of a small number of indexed websites and pages, however, Yandex is constantly updating its search index and adding new findings into their database.

Yandex recommends webmasters, who block JavaScripts and CSS files in robots.txt, to consider opening them up for indexing. Webmasters are also advised to make sure that there are no issues with server overload when the bots start indexing JavaScripts and CSS files.

This change in Yandex’s indexing routines can possibly have effects on Yandex SEO, at least in the long run.

Anna Oshkalo

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  2. […] Yandex has announced that they will start to crawl CSS and JavaScript content, as a test in order to better understand the content of web pages. They are now informing webmasters to stop blocking their CSS and JavaScript files and resources. In the long-run, this will have an effect on Yandex SEO processes. Yandex has also added a mobile-friendly label to mobile search results and released a supporting mobile-friendly diagnostic tool for webmasters to make sure that their website pages meet mobile-friendly guidelines. […]

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