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Russia’s personal data localization law goes into effect today

The personal data localization law obliging foreign companies operating in Russia to process and store personal data they collect about Russian citizens and residents on the Russian territory goes into effect today.

A lot of large companies, such as Google, PayPal, eBay, and many others, started moving their servers to Russia already in the beginning of the year, however according to the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC), only 54% of all marker players are ready to comply with the new law at the moment.

RAEC created a portal [in Russian] where they accumulated a lot of information about the law, what it means for companies and consumers, as well as implications for non-compliance. If you haven’t moved your servers to Russia, we urge you to check it out in order to assess the risks.

Bonus: Russia Beyond the Headlines shared this useful inforgaphic that nicely summarizes the situation as of today.


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