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New on Yandex Direct: bid adjustment by age and gender

Direct NewFrom this week, you can adjust your bids for Yandex.Direct ads shown to various gender and/or age groups, as well as to your “retargeted” audience (people who have previously visited your website).

It’s not the first time Yandex introduces more options of adjusting CPC for specific categories of ads. In March, a separate bid management for mobile ads was added, which now can be set in combination with the new variables!

First of all, you can find out your audience makeup from the Report Wizard choosing gender and age parameters. The results will look something like this:

Report Wizard Gender-Age

Another way to know this data is to go to Yandex.Metrica and open demographic reports. Both methods should give you an idea about what CPC adjustments it makes sense to make when it comes to age and gender of your users.

Then, in the Campaign Settings, find “Bid corrections” and in a pop-up window you’ll be able to adjust the bids for your PPC ads on Yandex. For example, due to your business core activity or products, you’d like to ensure that your ads end up in the best positions when shown to women aged between 25-34 and men older that 45. Therefore, you increase your bids by a certain percent like this:

New bid corrections

With these CPC adjustments, each time the system detects that a user is in your target audience, it will increase your bid within the range you have set up. As you see, it is also possible to manage several parameters for bid correction simultaneously.

In the same settings, you can also adjust the bid ratio for Yandex PPC ads shown to users who’ve already been to your website and performed some actions on it. There are restrictions on the CPC for keywords aimed at “retargeted audiences” – the maximum CPC (including the coefficient) is 300% over the amount initially set for the keyword.

In other words, now Yandex PPC managers can enjoy even more flexibility when setting up ad campaigns on Yandex.Direct, while their clients get a better chance to reach those they target most.



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