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Breaking: Yandex wins antitrust probe against Google

Google has been found guilty in a Russian antitrust probe initiated by Yandex earlier this year, reports Vedomosti [in Russian].

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) recognized that Google restricts the competition in the market of app stores. Agreeing with Yandex that Google is forcing manufacturers of mobile devices on the Android operating system to give up preset applications that compete with the products. In other words, Google was found guilty of “abusing its dominant market position”. Yandex believes this can help to restore the competition on the mobile market.

Google is expected to be fined with the amount of 1-15% of their turnover in the market where the law violation occurred. “Since we are talking about the market pre-installed app stores, the punishment may not be imposed on the Russian entity of Google, but rather on Google Inc. and Google Ireland,” reports Vedomosti.

This is quite a big ruling since it can lead to similar verdicts in other markets around Europe as well.

The stock exchange was not late to react on the news and Yandex shares soared over 7% on Nasdaq following the regulator’s decision reports NASDAQ.

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