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Beta of the week: App install ads in Yandex.Direct

app-install-ads-yandex-directMobile Internet usage in Russia is increasing and so does smartphone penetration. According to eMarketer, over 58 million Russians own a smartphone, which is 55% of all mobile users and about 40% of the total Russia’s population.

Rapidly increasing adoption of smartphones, and hence mobile apps, has lead to extensive growth of mobile advertising offerings in the market. Apart from traditional mobile ad networks, both global and local (Wapstart being the largest), Internet giants such as Yandex and Group, started creating very interesting products for mobile app promotion.

VK launched their app install ads in October 2014. Later, in early 2015, Group introduced myTarget – an advertising platform merging mobile inventory of Russia’s largest social networks VK, Odnoklassniki and MoiMir. Yandex started offering mobile-specific ads in summer of 2015 and now they are launching their first app promotion format.

App install ads in Yandex.Direct

From the 15th of September as part of an open beta all advertisers of Yandex.Direct can test a new ad format – ads for mobile apps. These ads contain app description and a download button and can be displayed across mobile search and mobile advertising network of Yandex.

Getting started with Yandex app install ads

In order to begin testing ads for mobile apps in Yandex.Direct, create a new campaign. Select “Ads for mobile apps” in the drop down menu:


When creating ads, you will need to provide a direct link to you app in Google Play or iTunes, which will automatically populate the ad with app icon, rating, price and number of reviews (showing any of the ad elements can be disabled). Similarly to app promotion ads in AdWords, you will also be asked to provide a tracking link.

Yandex.Direct is integrated with Yandex’s own app analytics tool AppMetrica as well as Tune/MobileAppTracking, AppsFlyer, Adjust and Kochava.


Yandex.Direct automatically ensures the accuracy of app-related information. If your app rating or any other details change, the ads will be updated within a day. If the application becomes unavailable for download in the app store, the ads will be automatically suspended until the problem is resolved.

New targeting options

App install ads support all standard targeting of Yandex.Direct as well as some new ones:

  • Type of device: smartphone, tablet, or all devices.
  • Type of connection: mobile connection + Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi.

New bidding strategy

The pricing model used for app install ads is CPC. Yandex also introduced two new automated strategies for mobile app promotion:

  • Average cost of install
  • Maximum number of app installations

Minimum average CPI can be set to 0.9 RUB (0.012 EUR).

Today mobile traffic is about 20% of the total traffic in Yandex. Mobile and table users send more than 220 million queries to Yandex search engine every week.

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