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Russian Internet audience reaches 80 million users

Russia’s Internet audience has been growing very quickly during the last few years. After lagging behind Western Europe in terms of Internet penetration during the 1st decade of the century, the market became fastest-growing in Europe in 2010-2011 and eventually the largest – in the middle 2012.

The latest report [in Russian] from ComScore states that in June 2015 Russian Internet population has reached 80 million people. Group, the owner of portal and numerous online services as well as the two Russia’s mail social networks – VK and Odnoklassniki – appears to be the largest Internet property in Russia, while is the most visited website in the Russian market.


72.4 million of Russian Internet users, i.e. 90% of all users,  frequently visited informational/news sites during June.

The largest websites in information/news category in Russia according to ComScore are News, followed by Yandex News, and


The report also touches upon online video consumption in Russia. In June 2015 68.8 million Russian Internet users watched video online. On average a Russian user watched 166 videos during June 2015.

The most popular video platform in Russia is YouTube, followed by a number of large local players.


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