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E-money popularity in Russia: growing awareness and use

While only a couple of years ago e-commerce purchases in Russia were mostly paid by cash upon delivery, now online payments are on the rise.

TNS Russia has recently studied the popularity of online payment methods in Russia. They discovered that 40% of all the e-money users pay from their desktop computers and mobile devices.E-money 1

Out of all the electronic currencies, Yandex.Money remains to be the most popular payment service in Russia by the rate of awareness use. 44% of Russian users aged 20–44 have used Yandex.Money as a payment more than once a year, 43% — used WebMoney at least once a year, 36% — used QIWI, and 35%—used PayPal.

E-money 4Most often Russian internet users pay with e-money for their online purchases, mobile carrier services, movies, games, music, home utilities, and transfers to other users. And while they use desktops for making online purchases, smartphones and tablets are used when paying for mobile services.E-money 2According to TNS, young people aged 20-24 are the most active online payers for concert tickets and online content, while respondents aged 35–44 tend to actively use e-money for home utilities and mobile services.E-money 3

As the study shows, electronic currencies are becoming an integral part of Russian e-commerce. That’s why every e-shop that strives for success in its business should consider having them added as a payment option to attract even more online buyers.

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