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Mobile-specific ads come to Yandex.Direct!

Mobile-ads5It’s been just two months as it became possible to seperately adjust the bid ratio for mobile ads on Yandex.Direct. And now, we’ve got great news – Yandex adds up another mobile-specific feature which allows creating Yandex PPC ads specifically for mobile devices. It means that Yandex mobile ads can now be tailored for mobile users and attract more traffic. How to set them up and run to make sure you reach Russian customers who have become more “mobile” than ever?

How to create mobile ads in Yandex.Direct

To create a new Yandex PPC ad to be displayed on mobiles, just check the “Mobile ad” box while creating an ad group in Yandex.Direct interface, so that to give it a priority for impressions on mobile devices:

Mobile ads

Besides Yandex.Direct, you an create and manage mobile ads in Direct.Commander, API or use bulk exporting and importing in XLS or CSV format.

Best way to write ads for mobile devices

The best thing about having separate ads to be shown on mobile phones is that mobile ads can have their own texts, landing pages, pictures and quick links. For tablet and desktop ads, using the maximum number of characters is usually a good idea, but with mobile ads Yandex PPC managers can be better off writing shorter and clearer messages. Then mobile ads will fit mobile screens better, as well as help users make a quick decision to click bringing them right to your website.

And a total must for mobile ads is adding a vCard with your company’s contacts. To make a phone call, users will just have to tap on the icon :

Mobile ads call

How to manage impressions among devices expertly

Let’s keep in mind that any ad group should contain both the regular desktop ads and the mobile ones. It is important as it makes the system display mobile ads – on mobiles and regular ads – on desktops, taking into account the type of the device when prices are calculated. If you make a group only with mobile ads, one of them will show up on desktops, with the price generated as for impressions on desktop computers.

Other than that, both mobile and desktop ads for Yandex PPC can be set up by the same strategies and ranking rules, but the position of a mobile ad in the search results is defined according to the CTR on mobile devices. And in the mobile version of Yandex two ads are shown in the Premium Placement block (plus one in the Guaranteed Placement block), which is important to remember when doing the bidding.

Important to know

  • You can create ads as mobile ones only from the very beginning, when you create new ads, so you can’t really edit the type of the existing ad later on.
  • Completely disabling impressions on this or that type of device is impossible, but you can adjust the desktop-mobile bid ratio.
  • The statistics on traffic coming from mobile ads is available on the page My campaigns → Statistics → Report wizard.

Just like in many other countries, internet users in Russia use mobile search on the go, when they have to choose goods and services. It is also not uncommon that they search the same things on several devices at the same time. According to Yandex report from February, 25% of desktop version users visited the mobile version as well, while 68% of mobile version users also visited the desktop version. Apparently, it’s high time to adapt our Yandex PPC campaigns to this trend, using the new feature for Yandex PPC mobile ads for your company’s growth.

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