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Yandex Advertising Network: new banners to boost CTR

Yandex has just added interactive horizontal banners to its Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) and the testing shows that they can increase click-through rate of Yandex PPC ads up to 20%. Also, judging from the vertical banners introduced into YAN back in December 2014, banner ads are usually much more eye-catching than traditional advertising formats, so hopefully Yandex PPC advertisers are getting one more useful tool to promote their websites!


Yandex Advertising Network, or YAN, is a group of websites on which ads from Yandex.Direct are displayed. New interactive horizontal banners on YAN include bright images, a title and a link to the advertised website. Additionally, if you hover your mouse over the image, it is replaced by Yandex PPC ad copy and quick links, if any. According to Yandex, you can place the horizontal version of ads above and below the web content, while the advertising block can include up to 4 ad messages:


Earlier introduced vertical posters has shown CTR of 18% higher than traditional Yandex PPC ads and Yandex representatives expect horizontal posters to give even better results. Time to experiment then!


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