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Ad groups in Yandex PPC: now in Yandex.Direct interface!

PPC-CampaignFrom the end of April, ad groups are finally fully supported in the Yandex.Direct interface, which is good news! If you remember, before this ad groups could be created only in the desktop editor Direct.Commander, by uploading Excel or CSV files or via Yandex.Direct API.

Now, even if you are new to Yandex PPC, all you have to learn to get started with setting up Yandex PPC campaigns is the Yandex.Direct interface. But why ad groups are such a cool thing for Yandex PPC ads anyway?

What is an ad group?

Just like in Google Adwords, an ad group is a structural unit in a Yandex PPC advertising campaign which can include 1 to 50 ads and the corresponding keywords. What is special about the ad group is that keywords refer not to one but to all the ads in the group. In other words, keyword phrases are distributed across all the ads which are part of the ad group.

Why do ad groups make Yandex PPC ads effective?

At first, the ads from the ad group are displayed in rotation and then when enough statistics on these ads is collected, the system starts showing the ad copy with the highest CTR. That is why with ad groups it’s possible to test how various texts, quick links, images and other ad copy elements perform, so that then you can choose the ads on which the users click most. Here’s an example of two ads from the ad group where different titles and ad texts are being tested:Ad tests

A detailed discussion on what possibilities you have with ad groups and how to create them in Yandex.Direct is here, in one of our previous posts.

Why does appearance of ad groups in the Direct interface matter?

Ad groups were introduced to Yandex.Direct in November 2013 (yet only available through external management tools mentioned above). Now, when ad groups have appeared in the Yandex.Direct interface, experimenting with ads will be much easier, although it may depend what you prefer to use as a SEM specialist. In any case, it’s always nice to have more tools than less, right?

How has the interface changed after addition of ad groups?

In your Yandex PPC campaigns, you will notice that “Edit ad” and “Negative words for ad” are replaced for “Edit group” and “Negative words for group”:Groups interfaceIf you create a new campaign, you will see that from now on the second step is creating an ad group:

Ad group startFor now no big changes have happened in the settings and you can still manage your Yandex PPC ads in the same way as before: you can edit ads, archive them, change the settings or set bids for the keywords. However, Yandex plans to add some more features specifically available in the Yandex.Direct interface, such as displaying different ads for different traffic types in one ad group. And already now, there is a new template for importing campaigns in the XLS format which fully supports ad groups.

So, let’s continue testing Yandex PPC ads and ad groups, enjoying even more options at hand. And if you have specific questions on ad groups or any other Yandex PPC issues, just ask in the comments or contact us!

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