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Yandex teams up with Firefox in Turkey

Big news from Yandex Turkey team! Just a couple of weeks ago the newest version of Firefox browser was released in Turkey, with as a default search engine instead of Google.


Yandex Turkey was launched in September 2011 and in less than 4 years they managed to gain 4% market share in the country. Yandex apps, such as Yandex.Navigator and Yandex.Maps, are very popular in Turkey. Yandex.Browser is also present in the market, with about 2% market share.

Teaming up with Firefox, which accounts for 4.2% of Turkish browser market, will help Yandex to grow further in this very important for them market, where they entered a fight with a dominant player (aka Google) from scratch and have been steadily growing year over year.


Firefox change their search partnership strategy to better cater for the needs of their users in different markets. For example, Yahoo is the default search in the US, Yandex – in Russia and Baidu – in China. For Turkey Mozilla did a test among more than 10,000 users and chose Yandex based on results. The test showed that the majority of users continued searching in Yandex instead of switching back to Google.

Browsers have been proven to be an important tool in attracting users to search engines. For instance, Google’s growth in Russia is largely powered by Chrome and Android usage. Yandex also has a long history of collaborating with browsers: they are an optional search iOS and desktop Safari, default search in Firefox in Russia,Ukraine ,Kazakhstan and Belarus (and now in Turkey), not to mention a range of partnership deals with mobile browsers.

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