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A new study shows that in 2013-2014 mobile internet in Russia have reached an increasing number of females, students and those living in smaller cities. This interesting reaserch was made in December 2014 by WapStart, the largest mobile ad network in Russia. They looked closer at gender, age and social status of Russian online mobile users and compared the recent results with those obtained in the previous years.


While both women and men began to engage more into the mobile internet world in 2014, the share of women users has increased significantly during the last few years. According to WapStart’s survey, in 2012 mobile internet penetration among women was about 20%, in 2013 – more than 30%, and now it is more than 50%. It means that now female mobile internet users are outrunning male users, while previous years showed less equal results:



Back in 2013, the age range of the most active Russian users was between 25 and 34 years old. In 2014, the mobile internet in Russia became younger – now young users (18-25 years old) amount for 37.13%. The least active group is senior people – only 6.24% over 50 year olds:


Social Status

As the study shows, 2014 was a year when the share of students went up to 27.38%. Compared to 2012, the share of unemployed mobile internet users has risen, but the most active users are still those with full-time employment: 44.15% of them are workers, employees and managers, while top managers and business men and women amount to 14.9%. The share of businessmen/women and part-time employers has a steady growth, with 14% in 2014, compared to 10% in 2012.


Finally, WapStart found out that from 2013 mobile internet began to go beyond the largest Russian cities. While in 2012 40% of users lived in million-people cities and only 20% in less populated areas, in 2014 59.13% of all users said that they lived in a mega city and 25.82% – in cities with population not exceeding 1Mln people. This data also goes in line with the recent findings from the Web Index report made by TNS Russia:

Mobile growthSource: TNS Web Index

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