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Keyword productivity to boost your Yandex PPC performance

If you work with Yandex PPC advertising on Yandex.Direct platform, you couldn’t but notice a new column on its campaign level – Productivity. It’s displayed next to each keyword as a number looking like this:

Productivity 3

It is a keyword productivity index recently introduced by Yandex which should help Yandex PPC managers increase click-through rates of their keywords and attract more target users. But how do they calculate this index?

For each keyword, you can get a productivity value from 0 to 10. On its help page, Yandex states that this value depends on multiple factors, including the relevancy of a keyword to the ad text, proper placement of all the operators (Yandex’s version of match types, such as -, +, ! and “ “), search statistics for particular keyword phrase, and other parameters.

If to click on a value, a list of suggestions pops up and the list items are further clickable, providing you with an expanded version for each of them. I like that they are all written in a simple and detailed way, which may serve as a good guide to improving the keywords for both beginners and experts in Yandex PPC. See the example below:

You will also notice that if the value is lower than 3, it goes red (see on the first picture), indicating that such keywords need revising first.

Then, it’s also quite convenient that this productivity index is visible in Direct Commander, the desktop app which is often used for managing Yandex PPC campaigns instead of setting up everything from Yandex.Direct interface. You can find the productivity index in the Phrases tab in a separate column, after you press an icon Update icon:

Commander productivity

To avoid updating this information manually each time you retrieve a campaign from the server, you can enable automatic updates of productivity indices by going to Application → Settings → Sending and Receiving and ticking the box “productivity” in Direct Commander. And saving the changes, of course.

Just like with the recent introduction of mobile bid adjustments for Yandex PPC advertising, keyword productivity may benefit both advertisers and internet users. Advertisers can select best matches between the keywords and what they are actually offering, while the users find the refined keywords more useful and relevant, clicking on it more often. And in the end, CTR of ads is increasing, bringing higher conversion rates for our Yandex PPC campaigns.

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