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Expert guide on mobile bid adjustment in Yandex Direct

Since March, Yandex has added a separate bid management for PPC mobile ads, so now we can experiment with the desktop-mobile bid ratio to see if our business or client may particularly benefit from premium placements on Yandex mobile search.

Today, it looks like a great time to do it as the mobile internet is globally racing to exceed the desktop internet use, and there are some signs that Russia may well be drifting in the same direction. For example, according to the recent TNS Russia data, 50% of Russians (12+) use the mobile internet daily (out of 74% of all the online users in Russia).

So, each day 31.4 M users in Russia are keeping a firm grip of their mobile devices, hoping to find what they search for. And here we are, marketers, to guess their wishes, which becomes simpler and cooler now that we can manage and analyze impressions on mobiles for our Yandex PPC campaigns.

Now with new features in Yandex Direct, we can adjust cost per click for the mobile ads shown in Yandex search results, as well as track and analyze mobile traffic generated.

How mobile ads are displayed

By design, mobile ads in Yandex are not too much different from those shown on desktops, but from now on we’ll see two mobile ads in the premium placement positions, instead of one. And just as before, there will be one mobile ad displayed in the guaranteed placement.

How to set bids for mobile impressions

To set and manage bid ratio for impressions on mobile devices:

1. Go to the campaign settings of Yandex Direct.
2. In “Price settings for mobile devices”, choose ‘’increase” or “decrease”.
3. Indicate % from the desktop bid which will be the price for the mobile bid.

price for mobiles

The mobile bid can be no less than 50% and no more than 300% from the desktop bid. For example, if the desktop bid is 1 euro and you put 50% for the mobile bid, the cost per click for mobile impressions will be 0.50 cents.

Apart from Yandex Direct, the mobile bid setting is also possible on the API and Direct Commander.

Good to know

  • It doesn’t matter if the user goes to the mobile or desktop version of Yandex – if he uses a mobile device, the mobile bid will apply.
  • We can’t really disable impressions on specific device types for Yandex Direct ads, but changing the bid ratio may show interesting results.
  • If you set multiple parameters for a specific bid rate at the same time – for example, displaying during the night time and displaying on mobiles – the resulting bid rate is calculated with both parameters taken into account.

How to see statistics on mobile traffic

To see statistics on CTR, average CPC, etc. from the performance of mobile ads:

1. Open “Statistics” of Yandex Direct campaign and go to Report Wizard.
2. Tick “device type” and select “mobile”:

Stats mobile bids

Additionally, when writing parameters of ad links, you can set what device types should be taken into account. It will allow for dividing your desktop, smartphone and tablet users so that to customize the displayed ads if your product or service is device specific.

It’s interesting that Yandex still rates traffic coming from tablets as traffic from desktop. However, they also promise to add even more management options for impressions on various device types, so one day tablets might get a separate bid management system as well.

As a PPC manager, I’m running campaigns in Yandex Direct for some verticals in which goods and services are often searched on the go, that’s why I’m already testing the mobile bid rates myself. And with Russian users getting so ‘mobile’, I can’t wait to analyze my user behavior stats!

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