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All Facebook’s and Odnoklassniki’s users in Russia also use VK

The fact that VK (vKontakte) is Russia’s largest social network is, I am sure, known to most international digital marketers. VK is also a social network with the most steady growth. Recently, at i-COMference 2015, vKontakte presented their annual report [in Russian] created together with TNS Russia that describes the Russian social networking market.

Comparing to the stats from 2013, Facebook gained quite a bit of user base in Russia. In 2013 American network only had 10,8 million users, and during 2014 its user base almost doubled. VK and Odnoklassniki kept their leading positions in the market, however the overlap between their audiences increased significantly.


According to the data presented by VK, only 4,3 million users are solely on Odnoklassniki, comparing to 6.2 the year before and 9.3 in 2012. The number of people, who only use Facebook, increased in comparison with 2013, however percentage of users they share with VK went up as well.


VK also claims that their audience is the most engaged of all Russian social networks. Apparently, average VK user spends 43 min/day browsing the network. Most of that time is spent on the timeline and profile pages (47% of time), followed by looking at photos (12% of time), messaging (8% of time), groups and communities (8% of time) and video & audio (4% of time).

Odnoklassiki has second best engagement in the market (37 min/day). MoiMir (another, smaller social network owned by Group) and Facebook has lower user engagement – their users only spend 10 and 6 min/day browsing their content.



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