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13 awesome keywords tools for Yandex SEO success

yandex-searchKeyword research is the vital part of SEO for any search engine, and Yandex is not an exception. Due to the rich and complex nature of the Russian language creating a keyword list for a Russian website can be a long and time consuming process. The fact that most of the suitable tools for Yandex SEO are created in Russia adds even more complexity to work of international marketers. In this post I would like to introduce my favorite Russian keyword tools that I like use for creating keyword lists.

1. Yandex.Wordstat (free)

Yandex.Wordstat is a keyword tool provided by Yandex as a part of their PPC toolkit. The tool has several useful features such as generation of keyword ideas, keyword trends and regional interest for keywords throughout the country. Wordstat has one unique feature that I really love: the tool shows actual search volumes fro both keyword ideas and trends, unlike, for example, Google’s keyword tool.


Yandex.Wordstat is a must for creating keyword lists in Russian, however it provides quite limited amount of keyword ideas and can be cumbersome to work with as it does not have an export function.


2. Google Keyword Planner (free)

Google is Russia’s 2nd largest search engines, and their Keyword Planner works pretty well for creating Russian keyword lists. In comparison with Yandex.Wordstat Keyword Planner gives more extensive and broad lists of keyword ideas (although not always as relevant).


The main drawbacks of using Google’s Keyword Planner for the Russian market are that the search volumes provided by the tool are often very far off from the actuals and that filtering out irrelevant suggestions takes some time.


3. Keyword tool (free) is Russia’s third largest search engine with about 8% market share. Although the search engine is not extremely popular, provides a couple of SEO tools with very useful features. For example, Webmaster tools provide a lot of data about behavioral factors, and keyword tool shows breakdown of search volumes by age and gender.



4. Yandex.Metrica (free)

Yandex.Metrica is web analytics tool provided by Yandex that is essential for Yandex SEO in many ways. If installed, the tool can be of great help in finding keyword variations, as it provides 100% of organic keyword data for Yandex.



5. Yandex.Webmaster (free)

Yandex.Webmaster is a set of SEO tools similar to Google Webmaster Tools. Just like Google WMT, Yandex.Webmaster provides data about impressions and clicks from organic search, and very often among those you can find good keyword ideas or keywords that are not delivering their full traffic potential.



6. SpyWords (paid) is one of my favorite Yandex SEO tools. For a modest fee the tool provides full competitive intelligence for Yandex – from naming main competitors to revealing their keywords, snippets, ad texts as well as paid and organic traffic estimates.


Check out a more complete review of the tool in one of my earlier posts.


7. SEMRush (paid)

SEMRush is a well-known international competitive intelligence tool, which has quite good support for Russian language searches. As opposed to SpyWords, which mainly focuses on Yandex, SEMRush gives good insights into competition in



8. TopVisor (paid)

TopVisor is a relatively new kid in town. Launched in 2013, the tool by now has a lot of handy features – from gathering keyword ideas from basic Yandex.Wordstat, Google Keyword Planner, and even Sputnik (government-owned search engine) to rather advanced keyword clustering.


Another interesting feature of TopVisor is SERP update analyzer covering all Russian search engines.


9. AdVse (paid) is another Russian competitive intelligence tool. It is very simple and performs several operations such as finding competitors for selected keywords and finding keywords of selected competitors. is very much focused on paid search, and hence provides the valuable for PPC stats: CPCs, CTRs, impressions and clicks. The tool also shows keywords that are considered to be the most and the least effective for a selected competitor.

There is also a very straightforward keyword tool that can provide both keyword ideas and keyword variations with the possibility of adding negative keywords to refine the suggestions.



10. (free)

Another international tool that has quite decent support for Russian search queries is The tool provides keyword suggestions based on searches in, YouTube, Bing and App Store.



11. SEORate (free)

SEOrate is a tool that evaluates visibility of websites and keywords in the Russian internet and can be a good start for a keyword research in a number of commercial verticals. The tools shows approximate traffic volumes and traffic trends for each vertical, main players and top keywords in each of the verticals.



12. eLama (free)

eLama is a Russian PPC bid management service, which, strangely enough, given the nature of the market, is free. Apart from creating and managing campaigns on Yandex, Google and Begun, eLama has a very simple and rather good keyword selection service.



13. Ubersuggest (free)

Ubersuggest is a well-known international SEO tool that works fairly well for Russian queries and can be a good starting point for those, who are used to the interface.


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  2. Hi! Thanks for this article and useful tools. Also this tool for Russian keywords is worth trying, quite simple and it’s free ;) Poka!

  3. Anna Oshkalo says:

    Thank you for the tip Giulio! Will check it out!

  4. BilliB says:

    I always use to analyze Yandex’s SERP. They have recently added US Google, so I can also use the tool for US market analysis. I never really bothered to use spywords extensively, because I tested it few times against my own site and their numbers happened to be inconsistent (despite the fact that they have a huge db).

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