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Banner ads on Yandex: affecting your brand

To measure if banners are actually bringing results can be challenging, so naturally I got curious when I saw a recent study on banner ads.

IMHO Vi, a big ad selling agency in Russia, has studied effectiveness of the advertising campaign for a smartphone. To do this, they’ve placed a banner on the home page of Yandex, the largest internet portal in Russia, and analyzed how it affected the brand metrics, such as brand awareness, brand recall and purchase intent. Let’s see what they have to say!

The ad campaign was running from 10 to 16 November 2014, with a horizontal 728×90 banner placed on Yandex home page. The survey included 350 people who were questioned before the ad campaign started, so that to assess the general knowledge about the brand. Then, 500 respondents were shown the ad and 350 respondents were used as the control group. And all of them were active Internet users, in 18-44 age group, residing in Russia.

Study results show that users who saw the banner ad of the smartphone on Yandex home page recognized the brand more often (unaided brand recall):Banner- 1

Plus, the results show a more than three-fold increase (+201%) for top of the mind recall and +67% for top-3 of the mind recall:2 BannerQuestion: “What smartphone brands do you know? Write 5 names that first come to your mind”

And, users who saw the banner displayed a greater interest in purchasing the advertised smartphone model (purchase intent): +67% of those who felt like buying it and +173% of those who really felt like buying it.

Banner-3Question: “If you decided on buying a smartphone tomorrow, would you feel like buying this model?”

Well, as I see it, banner ads are still popular (especially for branding), so they won’t go away from the large websites in Russia – even if there are speculations about the budget cuts on them in 2015. Either way, people keep buying things when they actually see them, so brand awareness tools add some extra visibility to back up other strategies, such as standard ads on Yandex.Direct, for example. But then again, measuring results from a banner is not always easy, and that’s when something like the numbers above may come handy.


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