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Top social networks in Russia: latest numbers and trends

Just in time for making our New Year’s marketing resolutions, we’re getting a special treat – a study on social media users in Russia, with lots of the latest numbers and trends to enjoy. Actually, betting on social networks in 2015 sounds good to me – the experts predict social media marketing and retargeting to be on the rise. Plus, this trend comes along with the rapid growth of mobile users who become the majority on the Russian Internet.

The data comes from Brand Analytics, with details on the age, gender, regional distribution and even positive vibes of those writing on social networks in Russia. VKontakte (Vk), the largest Russia’s social network, holds on to its top position, having the biggest monthly audience and the most active writers:Top social media5

*TNS Web Index, November 2014. Data on Twitter is based on the number of users per day, frequency of visits per month

So, in November 2014 vKontakte had about 55 million users, followed by Odnoklassniki with 40 million visitors. Moi Mir (My World) and Facebook are the closest to each other by the number of visitors, with about 25 and 24 million of monthly visitors respectively. Although Twitter keeps growing in Russia, according to Brand Analytics it only rounds out the top-7, having about 8.5 million visits a month.

VKontakte also has the most active authors (almost 24 million for December 2014). The 2nd and 3rd positions are taken by Instagram and Twitter, but they lag far behind Vk – they have about 2. 7 and 2.1 million authors respectively. However, Twitter had almost 251 million posts per month, hence getting ahead of vKontakte (over 244 million of monthly posts):Authors and messages5

In addition, last December showed that Twitter was the most engaging social network – on the average, there were about 120 posts per author. By contrast, vKontakte had 12 times fewer posts, while Moi Mir showed the lowest number, about 6 messages a month:Active5

The youngest people hang out in vKontakte – 24% of its users are under 18, while just over 10% of them stay on Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir. Vk also gets the biggest number of 18-34 year olds who write at least one post a month (almost 70%). A more mature audience in Russia (25-44 year olds) uses LiveJournal and Facebook – 70% and 65% respectively. Interestingly, a quarter of Facebook users are over 45, while people of the same age don’t use vKontakte at all.

Most of those over 45 socialize in Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir (about 33-37%), while 55+ age group is bigger in Odnoklassniki (nearly 20%) than in Moi Mir (about 16%). As for the gender, Instagram and Odnoklassniki have more women than others (70.6% and 70.2%), while other top social networks in Russia are quite equal by gender. Of course, not all the social media users disclose their gender or age, so the above numbers are rough, but we still get a picture:

Gender and age5

Most Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts come from Moscow and St. Petersburg residents. However, St. Petersburg has the most active vKontakte users (40% of all who lives there) compared to Moscow (29%). And nationwide, VKontakte is the leading social media by the number of posts – over 16% people in Russia are writing there.

And finally, let’s see who is more positive in the world of Russia’s social networks. Brand Analytics found out it their way: they analyzed 528 million of Russian posts, such as “I like it”, “I love it”, “I hate it”, “It’s irritating” and so on, written by 35 million authors across social media. In the end, over 70% of all the posts came out as positive. Instagram sounds like most positive (91%), followed by Moi Mir (88%), vKontakte (83%) and Facebook (82%), while LiveJournal closes the list (71%):Positivity5


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11 Responses to “Top social networks in Russia: latest numbers and trends”

  1. Natasha says:

    Dear Lyubov
    thank you very much for the article. Good info. Do you also have some ideas on Google Plus and Linkedin? I have the feeling G+ has a big user base. What do you think? thank you!

  2. Lubov says:

    Dear Natasha, thanks for the feedback and the question! Indeed, Google Plus and Linkedin also have a certain percentage of social network penetration in Russia, yet to a lesser extent than the Russian-based ‘giants’. For example, see these quite fresh stats: So, it may make sense to include Google+ in your marketing mix, especially if you see that your competitors are active there!

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  4. ilmouse says:

    Thank you so much for the great and useful infos you gave, Lubov. I’ve translated (crediting this one) your article in Italian (hope you don’t mind). I will check the link you gave up here too

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  6. You have your VK vs Facebook monthly active numbers completely wrong. Facebook has 1.55 billion monthly active users, not the 24 million claimed there – even with 2014 numbers, Facebook went over 1 billion monthly active users in 2012. (

  7. Anna Oshkalo says:

    Hi Andrei! Thank you for the comment! The article is about the use of social networks in Russia, so the numbers are for Russia only, and not the global ones :)

  8. Good read Lubov!

    Being in the industry since 2009 but didn’t know that VK has far more users than FB.


  9. Patrick says:

    Hi Lubov,

    This is a great article, thank you. Still very relevant I am sure. I have a question. Have seen or heard of any company doing social media walls with VK content?

    Thank you!

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