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Top 10 Russia’s largest media in 2014

Despite the unstable economic climate Russian advertising industry keeps developing. In the first half of 2014 the growth of Russian advertising budgets landed at 6%. Online advertising grew the most, TV and radio – slightly, while print lost a low of advertisers’ money. Let’s find out who are the largest players on the Russian media scene – according to TNS Russia and

The most popular TV channels in Russia

Despite Yandex’s monthly audience surpassed Channel 1 already in 2012, all in all TV continues to be the most popular medium in Russia. According to TNS, the leading TV channels reach 99% of the Russian population. 73% of Russian people watch TV daily, and 93% – at least once a week.

Among the numerous Russian TV channels Channel 1 (Первый канал) has kept its leading position in the country and even increased its market share from 13.7% in 2013 to 14.5% in 2014. The second most popular TV channel is Russia 1 (Россия 1), which also managed to strengthen its position on the market increasing the market share from from 12.8% to 13.2% during 2014. The third largest channel – NTV (НТВ) lost audience in 2014; its market share went down from 12.7% to 11.2% during the year.

Largest TV channels in Russia


Despite the highest reach, TV stands for only 47% of advertising expenditures in Russia, however the experts predict a slight increase in 2015 based on experiences from other economic downtimes in the country.

The most popular online media in Russia

When it comes to Internet-based media, Yandex with its multiple properties kept the leading position throughout 2014. Group with its 28 properties holds the second place in the rating of Russia’s most visited online media, followed by vKontakte (VK) – Russia’s largest social network – which technically also belong to Group as well as Odnoklassniki (6th most visited site), which is Russia’s second largest social network.


Internet is one of the fastest growing media in Russia when it comes to advertising spend. The latest numbers from ACAR (Association of Communication Agencies in Russia) show that online advertising expenditures in Russia grew by 20% in H1 of 2014 comparing to the same period of the previous year, and the trend continued throughout the 3rd quarter of the year.

Contextual advertising (Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords) showed the largest increase in 2014, while display advertising expenditures went down as a result of unstable economic situation.

The most popular newspapers and magazines in Russia

Print in Russia have been losing both audience and advertising budgets for several years, and 2014 was not an exception. During the entire 2014 print lost 10% of ad spend per quarter. Yet, some of the newspapers and magazines still hold very strong positions in the market. “Антенна/Телесемь” (TV guide and entertainment) came out as a leader in terms of reach, followed by “За рулем” (auto), “Аргументы и Факты” (nation-wide newspaper) and “Cosmopolitan” (fashion).



The most popular radio stations in Russia

Radio has been the most stable medium in terms of both audience and advertising expenditures. The largest radio station in Russia according to TNS is “Европа Плюс” followed by “Дорожное радио”, “Авторадио” and “Русское Радио”.



2015 is expected to be a tougher year for the Russian economy. Based on the experiences from the previous downturns (e.g. 2008-2009), the experts expect the following trends to prevail in the Russian advertising industry:

– Press will continue declining.

– TV will strengthen its positions on the market.

– Advertising budgets will be shifted towards performance-based activities.

– Channels that are normally used to raise awareness will see decreased budgets.

In other words, the Russian market is following the trend we have seen in many of the Western countries the last years. But since the overall market is going through such a rough time I would not be surprised if we would see even more focus toward the performance-based marketing in the coming year.

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