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Store rating extensions come to Yandex.Direct

In the end of December last year Yandex announced new type of extension for Yandex.Direct ads – store rating extension – which, similarly to Google’s seller rating extension, adds 1 to 5 star rating next to each eligible PPC ad.


The early observations show that store rating extensions increase ad CTR by about 1.5%, which is of course nice, but significantly lower that the effect Google advertisers see from obtaining seller rating extensions. Some case studies show 17-20% increase in AdWords CTR once the stars appear next to the ads, and I have seen even bigger increase for some accounts in my practice. This said, the CTR of Yandex.Direct ads in Russia is usually higher than CTR of AdWords ads, with or without extensions. Besides, seller rating extension is not available in

How to get store rating extensions in Yandex.Direct

Unlike Google’s seller ratings, where stars appear automatically based on ratings from various review sites, store ratings in Yandex.Direct come directly from ratings on Yandex.Market – product search and price comparison engine owned by Yandex.

Yandex.Market is a very popular price comparison service in Russia with about 20 million monthly users. Historically the service had very little connection with Yandex.Direct and if anything, sometimes cannibalised on organic search listings rather than interfering with PPC ads. Adding ratings from Yandex.Market to Yandex.Direct ads is one of the first attempts to bring the two services closer together.

Being listed in Yandex.Market is a challenge of its own. As I explained in one of my recent posts on Russian Search Marketing, Yandex.Market has very strict requirements for all aspects of e-commerce – from site structure to quality of customer support. Once passed the moderation for Yandex.Market listing, getting store ratings for PPC ads is easy. The stars will appear automatically if:

1. The store has been on Yandex.Market for more than 30 days.

2. The rating hasn’t been removed by the Yandex.Market moderators.

3. The store hasn’t been disconnected from Yandex.Market for longer 30 days.

Unlike Google that adds and removes star ratings automatically, Yandex.Direct has a feature that allows disabling the extension.


By default the store rating extension is enabled for all Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market advertisers.

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