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Yandex.Metrica becomes the leading web analytics platform in Russia

Just a few months ago A Russian web analytics consulting company TopAnalytics studied popularity of web analytics platforms in Russia. Surprisingly, Yandex.Metrica came out second losing with 7% to LiveInternet. Shortly after that research was done, Yandex started encrypting 100% of their search queries, keeping the search query data available in Yandex.Metrica and Yandex.Webmaster. The change seemed to have a positive effect on Yandex.Metrica adoption. The newest research on usage of web analytics platforms in Russia created by Ruward:Track shows that Yandex.Metrica has become the market leader.


The study was conducted by analyzing 4 884 630 .RU domains, where response was received from 58,97% of them. Only 49,3% of those domains had any kind of web analytics counter installed.

The main highlights of the research were increasing popularity of Yandex.Metrica and rapidly decreasing market share of Google Analytics.

Of course, many websites use two or more web analytics platforms due to integrations with advertising systems (Yandex.Metrica and Yandex.Direct, Google Analytics and Googe AdWords, etc.) and tools available in different products. According to Ruward:Track 61,75% of sites only had one analytics platform, 22,55% – two of them, 10,83% – three platforms, 3,36% – four, and 1,5% – five or more.

Even more interesting is to look at the most common combinations of web analytics platforms used by Russian webmasters.


Google Analytics alone is only used by 7.2% of sites, while 27,22% of sites only use Yandex.Metrica.

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  1. Oksana Kosachenko says:

    Interesting article, thank you. Personally for Russian speaking markets I use Metrica and Analytics, although Metrica has more analytical tools as e.g. Webvisor, ideal one for usability study.

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