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Top 15 sites favoured by Russian audience

In response to Facebook’s recent bold statement about (yet again) conquering Russia, one of the largest Russian newspapers Vedomosti created a top list of websites that are most visited by Russian people. Vedomosti also compared average time users spend on the sites.

Not surprisingly, Yandex came out as the leader of the top list with their 31 properties, followed by VK, with their 28 properties, Odnoklassniki, and YouTube.

Even though Facebook made it to the list of top 15 sites in Russia, their metrics – daily users and average time spent on site – are far behind the local competitors vKontakte and Odnoklassniki. vKontakte has 24,2 million daily users that spend on average 39 minutes browsing the social network. 16,3 million daily users of Odnoklassniki spend 32 minutes on the site. Facebook only has 3,7 million users in Russia that only devote 5 minutes of their time to the network.

The data might not represent the entire picture as mobile versions of the sites below are not included in the stats, but it is still a good representation of the Russian online market ecosystem.


Local players in a nutshell


Yandex is Russia’s largest search engines that apart from web search provides a large number of online and mobile services from email, maps and navigation to airplane tickets, real estate listings and platforms for hiring contractors for home jobs and small errands.

VK (vkontakte)

VK is Russia’s largest social network that having a very similar design and functionality is often called “Facebook of Russia”. Since September 2014 VK is fully controlled by Group. Group Group is one of the largest digital companies in Russia that started as a free email service and with the time turned into a multibillion corporation owning a number of highly successful social-, communication- and entertainment-related projects in Russia., recently rebranded into, is Russia’s second largest social network, owned by Group.


Avito is Russia’s largest classifieds, created by two Swedish entrepreneurs.

Rambler was once upon a time Russia’s largest search engine, but lost its leading position rather quickly after Yandex came into the picture. Today Rambler owns a number of services – from standard search, news and email to dating, horoscopes, financial- and real estate-related portals.


Fotostrana is another Russian social network with built-in dating functionality and various entertainment services.


Gismeteo is a popular Russian weather portal.

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