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vKontakte mobile app install ads out of beta

vkontakte-mobile-app-install-adVkontakte ( announced their mobile app install ad format back in August, and the initial launch was planned for September 15. However, it appeared that the format was launched as a beta and for selected advertisers only. This week the new mobile app install ads have been finally released to all advertisers.

As we all know, vKontakte is Russia’s largest social network, which happens to have 20 million users accessing the social network through their mobile site and their mobile app. With this kind of mobile inventory the network can repeat Facebook’s phenomenon in the West and quickly become one of the leading mobile ad platforms in Russia and CIS.

Ad specs and targeting options

Mobile app install ad on have the following format:

– 25 character long title
– 90 character long description text
– 600×336 graphic banner
– Call to action button

Targeting options are the same as for web-based advertising and are very similar to those of Facebook: demographics, geos (from country to metro station level), birthdays, marital status, interests, education, profession and title, devices and OS. Retargeting is also available as a targeting options.

Vkontakte is fully integrated with the major mobile attribution platforms: MobileAppTracking (HasOffers / Tune), AppsFlyer, Adjust. They also support AD-X, Kochava, Flurry and Apperkot.

First results from beta-testers

According to the interview [in Russian] that one of the vKontakte top managers gave to, the list of beta testers included several large corporations including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, МТС, Alfa-Bank as well as online- / mobile services like Lamoda, Aviasales, BlaBlaCar and some others.

As for the results, the metrics varied, but one of the advertisers received 11 000 installs during one week with 23 RUB (approx. $0.55) CPI. On average the advertisers saw CTR of about 3% (extremely high!) and CPI of 17 RUB (extremely low!). Obviously, once the advertisers rush in, CPIs will change, but the first results are still very promising.

According to LiveInternet statistics, mobile audience of vKontake has been growing at a very high pace in the last two years. If the trend persists, mobile traffic of the social network should surpass desktop traffic already this fall. This is definitely a good time for VK to launch mobile-specific ad format and it gives great possibilities to all mobile app developers, who are promoting their apps in Russia and CIS.


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