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vKontakte launches mobile app install ads to help add developers to promote their apps in Russia

vkontakte mobile app install adMobile marketing in Russia is still at its early stage. During the last few years new mobile networks – some good, some not so good – have been popping up in Russia as the mobile Internet usage kept growing.

Surprisingly, none of the Russian Internet giants have been paying too much attention to mobile advertising. Of course, there are mobile ad formats on Facebook, whose audience in Russia is quite limited, and Google, whose market share in Russia is only somewhat 25-30%. Neither Yandex, nor any of the major social networks have so far created any mobile-specific advertising products up until now.

Almost exactly two years ago Facebook revolutionised mobile advertising with their app install ads. Twitter followed earlier this year introducing their own all install format. Last week Russia’s largest social network vKontakte, aka VK or, also announced [in Russian] their very own mobile app install ad format to help app developers marketing their app in Russia and CIS.

vKontakte mobile app install ads format and targeting

VK’s app install ads are very similar to those on Facebook. Targeting options include:

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Interests & categories
  • Education & work
  • Other parameters such as operating system, devices and custom audiences

In terms of pricing, initially mobile app install ads on vKontakte will be sold on CPC model.

The ad itself will consist of:

  • 25 character long title
  • 90 character long description text
  • 600×336 graphic banner
  • App rating
  • Call to action button

The best thing about vKontakte app install ads is that they, unlike Facebook, allow 3rd party tracking links.

Mobile audience of vKontakte

VK is Russian largest social network, and is one of the most used mobile apps in the country. Netowrk’s mobile audience has been increasing rapidly in the last few years and by summer 2014 has reached 24 million users.


Majority of VK’s mobile users come from Android devices, mainly smartphones. Most of iOS traffic comes from iPhones, however iPads also drive significant volumes.


Just like it’s general audience, vKontakte’s mobile users are mostly young people aged between 18 and 34. The amount of women is slightly higher than the amount of men.



Mobile app install ads are not yet available in VK’s ad interface. The launch of the new product is scheduled on September 15.

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