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What web analytics systems are most popular among Russian webmasters

Today I stumbled on an interesting research with somewhat surprising results. A Russian web analytics consulting company called TopAnalytics collected data from around 10 million sites trying to determine which web analytics system in the most popular in the Russian market. All sites analyzed in this research were placed on .ru, .su, or .рф domains.


The results of the research suggest that the most popular web analytics system in Russia is Liveinternet, followed by Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics.

These results, however, should be taken with a grain of salt, because it is not uncommon to have several web analytics systems on one website and use them for different purposes / features.

As a bonus, the company gave out the fact that Google AdSense ads were 9 times more poplar among site owners than Yandex Content Network (YAN) ads (not totally surprising though, since YAN has rather high requirements towards its publishers).

The original research can be found here [in Russian].

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