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Yandex.Market – price comparison on steroids

yandex-market-logoYesterday Yandex announced [in Russian] a significant transformation of Yandex.Market (Google Shopping analog) – shopping cart and checkout functionality right from the product listings.

The service has been very popular among Russian online shoppers and was used as a price comparison engine. The listings from Yandex.Market were also integrated with Yandex.Direct and could show up from time to time on the right hand side of search results (when there were ads on the right hand side, that is).

In the last few month, possibly inspired by Google’s PLA transformation success, Yandex launched several improvements to Yandex.Market, that can take it to the entirely new level.

CPA pricing model

In October [in Russian] this year Yandex.Market started offering CPA model to selected stores. Commission charged by Yandex is very low – 1% of the order price – and the distribution retailers receive for this insignificant cost is enormous.

Premium placement in the search results

As a part of soon-to-be-rolled-out Islands layout, Yandex.Market received a sweet spot in Yandex search results:


Shopping cart and checkout

Shopping cart and checkout functionality was released yesterday, and only for a few dozens selected stores. The shopping cart allows to make orders in multiple stores without leaving Yandex.Market. The shopper needs to supply his/her details only once (not to each store separately) and follow up on the status of the orders from Yandex.Market interface.


In the nearest future over 150 stores will be integrated with Yandex.Market. The plans for next year – checkout (Yandex.Money or credit card) and customer support.

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