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Yet Another Conference – Yet another new technology

Today Yandex held Yet Another Conference – a major Russian tech event in Moscow with tonnes of Russian and international thought leaders and professionals gathering and speaking about technologies, programming, math, Internet and science.

At every Yet Another Conference Yandex traditionally break the news about new technologies and projects they are working on. Last year it was Yandex.Browser, in May 2013 – Yandex.Islands. During today’s conference Yandex introduced several new products that are to be released in the nearest future.

New technology #1

The first and the biggest announcement from Yandex is a new platform for websites – “Atom” [in Russian] – that will allow creating personalized user experience for each visitor based on (wooow!) Yandex’s knowledge about every user.


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The idea behind “Atom” is that the Internet must adapt to its users. Yandex have already started realizing this idea by incorporating machine learning technologies MatrixNet and Crypta into their search algorithm, and by personalizing search results. Atom takes it one step further and lets webmasters personalize user experience based on the knowledge that Yandex accumulated about each user during the years.

Saving time and serving more relevant content to each user should surely make the Internet a better place. Of course, there are privacy concerns, that Yandex answers with their traditional “users can always opt out” line.

Atom is already live, and Yandex is accepting application for beta-testing.

New technology #2

As a part of mobile camp, Yandex team introduced Yandex.Metrika for mobile apps [in Russian].


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AppMetrika is an alternative to app analytics like Flurry and Google Analytics. Very little was said about the features it will have, but the product is being released in the nearest future.

New technology #3

Another new product that was announced today is Yandex SpeechKit – a free voice recognition SDK that can be used in any app by any developer.


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Yet again Yandex proved themselves as an innovative technology company. I am looking forward to seeing these new products in action and  learning how it will affect the digital marketing world.

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