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Yandex malware detection is better than Google’s or Norton’s

Sucuri Security, a web monitoring and malware clean up service, released a study about safety of the most popular websites on the Internet.

While they revealed some shocking facts like a) over 10% of Alexa top million websites were not safe, b) popular antivirus products like Norton and ESET  only detected about 1000 out of 18 000 infected sites, they also found out that Yandex had pretty advanced virus and malware detection technology comparing to both Google and some of the antivirus software.


Yandex takes security issues very seriously, since Russia/CIS is one of the most risky regions in terms of Internet security (over 50% of all Internet users come across harmful sites when browsing the Internet according to Kaspersky Lab [in Russian]). The search engine warns users about potential risks in the search results as well as sends out notifications to site owners via Webmaster Tools and email if malware is found in the code.

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