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Yandex keyword tool gets a facelift

Yandex.Wordstat – the free keyword tool provided by Yandex to help advertisers with their keyword research – recently got a “facelift” and now offers its users more sleek and fast AJAX-based interface. All the features were kept unchanged:

  • It is still possible to look up keyword keyword ideas and related searches:


  • Break down search volumes by countries and regions:


  • See weekly and monthly search trends


The best part of the new Yandex.Wordstat interface is that it is much easier to copy the keyword ideas into Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Features I am missing in Yandex keyword tool

1. Export to .CSV or Excel function

Even though it is now possible to copy the keyword suggestions into Excel without words and numbers being scattered around the spreadsheet, an export function similar to Google’s keyword tool would be such a great improvement!

2. Easy way to look up search volumes for different match types of the keyword

By default Yandex.Wordstat shows search volumes for keywords in broad match. To get an idea how much traffic the keywords get in, say, exact match, we need to use ” ” and ! operators, which is something that not everyone is aware of.

3. Keyword grouping function

After copy-pasting all the keyword ideas into Excel, we still need to manually cluster them to create Yandex.Direct campaigns or optimize content for SEO. Imagine how much time we would save if Yandex provided us with the same possibility of grouping keywords that Google gives us.

On the positive side though, the data we get from Yandex.Wordstat is more reliable and precise that what Google shows in their keyword tool, which is a better basis for budgeting and planning.

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  2. Definitely a big change in the way it looks and more importantly, its usage. It is now more user-friendly with easy-browsing features for people not to have a hard time using it. Simple but very useful. Excellent change.

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