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New exciting features for Yandex advertisers

Yandex keeps tweaking their advertising products and making them better. In the beginning of the year the company introduced 3 new features to make Yandex.Direct ads more effective.

1. Image ads for Yandex Advertising Network (YAN)

Being used to Google AdWords, I was always missing image ad formats in Yandex content network. Images are so much more appealing; they attract attention and give better impression about the product than boring text links.

yandex-direkt-image-adsFinally, last week Yandex introduced image ads for YAN. They are not exactly banners, but it is a huge improvement.

This week the new ads are being shown and tested on Yandex properties, and will spread over Yandex Advertising Network from 28th of March.

The images can be easily added via Yandex.Direct interface by uploading files from the Internet or computer. The format for the images is very flexible:

– GIF, PNG or JPG file types

– size from 150 to 5000X5000 pixel

– weight up to 10MB

The early adopters reported 60-400% increase in CTR, lower CPC and better ROI. However, the advertisers, who are not satisfied with the performance of image ads, can easily opt out and return to text link ads.

2. Favicons in Yandex.Direct search ads

Until recently Yandex only displayed favicons in organic search results. Now they are also available in Yandex Direct search ads (only for premium positions).


Favicons now are more important than ever. They have to be created with care, and the yellow background of Yandex ads should be taken into consideration.

3. Search ads in the bottom of the page

The “guaranteed” placements ad units (ads on the right side of search results) now can be also shown in the bottom of the page.

This feature has been rolled out for a small number of queries, but the the trials have shown that in a lot of cases moving guaranteed placements to the bottom of the SERP results into better CTR, more clicks and lower CPC.

Yandex shows up to 4 ads in this new placement, and like for ads in the premium placement, displays sitelinks.


All these new features allow advertisers to better utilize Yandex.Direct and get more traffic and leads from existing campaigns.

Anna Oshkalo

Anna is a blogger and online marketing consultant specializing in SEO and SEM for Russian search engines. To see more of Anna's posts, follow her on Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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