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Leading Mobile Browsers in Russia in 2013

Mobile marketing world is changing rapidly, and even more rapidly in a growing market like Russia. Just a few months ago in my post about Russian mobile marketing I mentioned that Opera was the most popular mobile browser in the market. Well, it is still the case today, but will Opera manage to keep its leading position by the end of the year?

According to StatCounter data, it is unlikely. Opera has been rapidly losing market share in Russia during the past 2 years, while Android browser and Safari have been steadily growing.


Although the statistics from StatCounter are usually somewhat differ from traditionally reliable Russian sources like LiveInternet, I believe this graph is a very good illustration of market trends. Opera Mini is mainly used on Symbian-powered phones, the amount of which is shrinking year over year. On the other hand, market of smartphones in Russia is growing about 30% per quarter [in Russian] according to MTS (one of the largest mobile operators in Russia). In Q4 of 2012 alone there were 4.3 million smartphones sold in Russia, the majority of which were Android devices.

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