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Russian Social Networks in Numbers

ComScore recently released an interesting report on Russian social networks and their audiences, which, I thought, could be interesting for everyone buying advertising in VK (vKontakte), Odnoklassniki or on Russian Facebook.


* The numbers are shown in million users

According to ComScore’s statistics, vKontakte is the largest social network in Russia, followed by, and then Facebook.

What is more interesting, however, is the overlap between audiences of the social networks. Clearly, Facebook in Russia has very few loyal users; only 0,7 million people are satisfied with Facebook only. Audiences of VK and Odnoklassniki overlap quite a bit, but there is still significant amount of people, who only use one social network – 11,3 million of VK users did not visit Odnoklassniki in December, and 5,9 Odnoklassniki’s subscribers completely ignored vKontakte.

Both social networks commented on these numbers. PR manager of Odnoklassniki wrote on Twitter (in Russian) that they have most of the Russian users, and that all they are missing is “some million kids”. VK, generally known for a younger audience, made a similar (and quite sarcastic) comment saying that all they are missing is “some million pensioners”.

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