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Yandex Browser keeps growing in Russia and is expanding to Turkey

Yandex browser was launched on the 1st of October this year, and, despite it’s far from being a big player in the market, is gaining popularity among Russian users.


While still being far behind the most common browser in Russia Google Chrome, the grows curve of Yandex Browser usage looks pretty good.


Recently Yandex launched a Turkish version of the browser with integrated Yandex services, such as translator, anti-virus, and maps. Just like Google did in Russia, Yandex launched a TV advertizing campaign in Turkey to promote their browser. The main USP, as it looks, is the speed.


Yandex currently holds around 1% market share in Turkey, but plans to become the “second search engine” there, eventually taking control of 20% of the Turkish search market.

Anna Oshkalo

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