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First results of integration of Yandex Maps into iOS 6

About 3,5 weeks ago it became public that Apple chose Yandex Maps over their own maps platform for all Apple devices in Russia (probably a smart decision!). The integration is done via so-called Yandex geosearch API, so Apple Maps are still there, but all the details about local businesses (restaurants, museums, stores, etc.) are taken from Yandex Maps. If a user wants to see more details about the local business he / she is viewing, there is a Yandex button at the bottom of the listing. Tapping the button redirects the user to Yandex Maps app (or to the App Store, if the app is not installed on his / her device).

Yesterday Yandex released the first showing how the integration affected Yandex Maps app download:

The vertical axes shows the change in number of downloads in %;  the horizontal axes displays dates (1-30 of September 2012). The smaller graph on the side shows downloads of Yandex Maps for iPhone vs. Android in September 2011 vs. September 2012 (shown in thousands downloads).

Another interesting data released at the same time, was the distribution of mobile platforms among Yandex Maps users:

Although these numbers can’t be viewed as the exact picture of distributions of mobile platforms in Russia, it definitely reflects the main trends of the market such as growing popularity of Android devices and shrinking numbers of users of Java and Symbian-powered devices, as well as general rapid growth in smartphone penetration.

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