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Yandex to challenge Chrome with their own browser

It’s not a secret that search engines pay fat sums to browser developers for being their default search provider, and rightly so. Browsers are an important weapon in search market wars.

Google has been very aggressive in Russian browser space, first promoting Chrome in all possible ways, including even TV advertizing (Chrome became the most used web browser in Russia in the beginning of the year), then by sealing the deal with Firefox (which had Yandex as a default search engine in Russia until 2012). The unconfirmed rumors say that the Google-Mozilla deal cost Yandex 1.5-2% of the search market share.

Now, apparently, Yandex is about to create their own browser hoping to increase the number of searches and overall usage of their products by integrating them into the browser. Vedomosti reports that the new Yandex browser might be releases as early as October, and it planned to have versions for web as well as iOS and Android.

Will be interesting to test the browser and to see how its appearance will affect the Russian search market. As I noted in one of my earlier posts, in 2011 Google managed to steal 4% of searches from Yandex. What results will 2012 bring?

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