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Yandex content network vs. Yandex display advertising

This is the first post in the new Q&A section, and it is to cover a question I recently received about Yandex content network targeting.


How to select TOPICS in Yandex Display Network targeting (just like AdWords)?


First of all, there is a difference between Yandex content network and display advertising on Yandex.

Buying display advertising on Yandex

Yandex does offer display advertising, but it is by no means the same as advertising on GDN. Yandex’s offering is more of an old-school display type with CPM pricing, however recently they introduced some interesting targeting options:

1. Thematic groups: similar to Topic & Interest targeting. The topics are defined based on users’ search history.

2. Demographics: targeting of certain age and gender groups; can be combined with geotargeting.

3. Mobile versions of various parts of Yandex portal (PDA)

4. Search retargeting

Display ads can be purchased on Yandex properties and / or Yandex advertising network. For example, a placement can look like this:

There is no self-serving platfotm for Yandex display advertising. If you are interested in this product, you will have to get in touch with Yandex representatives.

How to advertise on Yandex content network

Yandex content network (also Yandex Ad Network or YAN) is a network of websites available for targeting via Yandex.Direct. The only format supported there is text ads, and there is no possibility to use any kind of image ads.

Just like with AdSense, publishers are able to style the ads according to their website design. For example, text ads on Yandex content network can look like this:

The only way of targeting on Yandex content network is keywords. Nothing similar to Google’s topics or interest targeting is available at the moment. I also discovered from my own experience that not any keywords are eligible for targeting. They keywords in the campaign have to match the content of the ad and landing page copy.

For example, let’s say we are selling fashionable high heeled shoes. When working with Google display network, we are able to target pages that talk about fashion, or clubbing, or make up tips, in other words pages that our target audience might find interesting. These sites can probably bring leads, because we serve the content to the same crowd: interested in fashion young ladies. With Yandex, however, we will only be able to target pages (keywords) that talk about shoes. Entering make up related keywords will get our ads rejected.

Hope this answers the question. Please ask more!

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