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Yandex story to become a plot for a movie

I bet all of you have seen “Social Network”, the movie about Facebook. Apparently a Google movie is also coming up. Following their Western colleagues, Russian film makers decided to produce a movie about yet another IT success, the most popular Russian search engine Yandex.

The movie under production title “Startup” is a joint effort of producer Irina Smolko, screenwriter Dmitry Sobolev and director Roman Karimov. The basis for the plot is the development of the Russian IT industry from the 90s until today, where Yandex is obviously one of they key figures.

Roman Karimov. Image credit:

The crew is currently meeting representatives of various Russian IT companies and working on the screenplay.

“Dmitry can write a story that can be of interest to foreign audiences”, said Smolko, and added that they have already started looking for potential partners abroad.

Dmitry Sobolev. Image credit:

Yandex spokesman admitted that they met the film makers and talked about the project, however said that the production is done without any financial support from Yandex.

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