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How to create sitelinks for a Yandex PPC ad

Sitelinks have been a widely-used practice in Google AdWords for a number of years. I think sitelinks are great; they take up more ad space on the SERP, make your ad more noticeable, tell more about your company or service and guide the visitors to specific products or categories you want to promote.

Recently Yandex also began offering a possibility to create sitelinks in Yandex.Direct. In this post I will explain how to do it.

About sitelinks in Yandex PPC

The product provided by Yandex is very similar to sitelinks in Google AdWords. The differences are minor:

1. Yandex sitelinks can only be displayed for the ad in the first position, while in Google sitelinks appear for ads in top 3 positions.

2. It is only possible to add 3 sitelinks to a Yandex ad, while Google can show up to 4.

3. Yandex sitelinks are displayed under the ad title in one line. In AdWords you see the sitelinks under the ad, and they can be arranged as a line or as two columns.

4. Yandex sitelinks are added on ad level, and not on campaign level, like in AdWords.


How to create sitelinks in Yandex.Direct interface

Configuring sitelinks is easily done through Yandex.Direct online interface. When creating or modifying an ad, just click the small “sitelinks” link under the URL field:


Then enter the link texts and corresponding URLs, and that’s all.


Alternatively, you can create the sitelinks in the desktop editor for Yandex PPC campaigns Direct.Commander. The tool is quite handy, however it is only available in Russian at the moment.

According to Yandex, using sitelinks can lift ad CTR by up to 40%. The average uplift in CTR for most advertisers is around 9%.

Anna Oshkalo

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2 Responses to “How to create sitelinks for a Yandex PPC ad”

  1. Fran says:

    Hi Anna
    I’m Fran from Spain and I want to create an ad campaign on for users living in Russia. Do you know any manual or you could tell me how to do it?
    Best regards

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Fran,

    Thank you for your comment. Great that you are going to advertize in Russia!

    There is a manual from Yandex in English, but I think it is a bit confusing: Anyways, if you want, give it a try, and I can help out if you have any questions afterwards :)