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Yandex joins retargeting race

I’ve been writing a lot about Yandex SEM platform Yandex.Direct, but I never touched the other possibility of advertising with Yandex: Display. Apart from text ads on Yandex content network, there is also a possibility to buy classic display ads on Yandex properties. Here is some information about media buying possibilities on Yandex, for those who are interested. In this article though, I would like to talk more about their newly introduced feature: search retargetng.

Search retargeting on Yandex

Search retargeting on Yandex, in theory, works in a similar way as with the known players in the niche such as,, Chango etc., there are however a few differences:

1. Inventory: while most of the retargeting providers buy the inventory from other sources; Yandex only displays retargeting ads on its own properties (namely Postcards, Dictionaries, Auto, Email, TV, Jobs, Weather, News and Timetables).

2. Targeting: unlike other search retargeting providers, Yandex does not support keyword-level targeting. What Yandex does is segmenting people into groups by common interests based on their search queries. There groups (interests) can be targeted with advertising, so in the end of the day the targeting more resembles Google’s Interests & Topics than search retargeting as it is known in the Western world.

Yandex search retargeting categories

The following categories and subcategories are available for targeting:

Retargeting campaigns can be only run in Russia. No self-service interface is available for now.

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2 Responses to “Yandex joins retargeting race”

  1. Amor says:

    Hi Anna,

    Brilliant Stuff.. very informative with all the intrinsic technicalities so well explained.

    Currently, working on a SEO blitz for my company and I bet; your site is a treasure mine!

    A very smart master class on the Yandex SEO .. moreover in English.. a heavenly boon ! Keep the good work coming.. very much appreciated.

    Большой Спасибо и Привет из Москвы ! :)

  2. Anna says:

    Thank you for the kind words Amor! If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, please do not hesitate to send me a note. :)