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Russian SEO Market Valued At 20 Billion (Rubles)

Reading my usual dose of Russian press, I stumbled on an interesting interview with a CEO of one of the largest SEO companies in Russia in Although 90% of the interview is company’s self-advertising, I found their evaluation of Russian market of SEO services quite interesting.

The CEO in question estimates that the value of the market of SEO services in Russia is somewhere between 16 and 20 billion Russian rubles (around 690 million USD), where 9 billion were spent on links and the other 7 to 12 billion – on service fees to agencies and freelancers. Apparently, large agencies (which are few) are responsible for only 20-30% of this amount. The rest of the money is distributed among smaller SEO agencies and freelance SEO specialists.

The CEO also says that with all the recent changes in Yandex ranking algorithm, SEO for Yandex became more complicated and more time consuming. Hence prices of SEO services increased, and in some cases doubled. An average Russian business is estimated to spend around 80-100 thousand Russian Rubles (2.7 – 3.5 thousand USD) per month.

I personally feel the numbers are blown out of proportions. I’ve seen prices 10 times lower than this. But that’s an opinion.

What do you think?

Anna Oshkalo

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7 Responses to “Russian SEO Market Valued At 20 Billion (Rubles)”

  1. Niall Flynn says:

    I assume the changes will move towards more ethical practices as Yandex begins to penalise sites using older black hat tecniques. Is content still king in Russia, or is it still primarily backlinking that is used?

  2. Anna says:

    It depends on who you ask, I guess. In my personal opinion, the changes you mention have been happening for a while now. Quality content is very important, as well as a lot of factors related to user experience, but links still have to be built. I don’t see links completely losing importance for any SE in the nearest future, including Yandex, but the kind of links that work will be different imo.

  3. The traffic to my blog from Russia and neighboring countries has exploded over the past few months. I infer from that a huge appetite for SEO articles and resources that isn’t being satisfied in native Russian resources.

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  5. Anna says:

    Hey Michael! This might well be. I often see translations from English sources in Russian SEO press lately. Since Yandex SEO starts more and more resembling SEO for Googe together with the fact that Google in gaining market share in Russia, people start researching how it’s done in the West, I guess. Btw, I love your blog!

  6. THEM says:

    I couldn’t say if the numbers are out of proportion, however what i can say is that the market is just starting and most clients are not yet educated to the purpose of SEO

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