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Russian Mobile Internet Usage Up 2,5% in 2012

Russian Internet usage is increasing rapidly, and a large increase there comes from mobile devices. Russia is still behind the Western world in terms of mobile Internet usage, but it is quickly catching up. According to the recent numbers from (a Russian directory of mobile sites as well as mobile Internet statistics provider), reports, Russian mobile Internet audience increased by 2,5% during the first two months of 2012.

Russian mobile Internet in numbers

The majority of the users of mobile internet are men (67%).

russian mobile internet users by gender

The mobile Internet audience is quite young. Most users are 18 – 34 years old. This age group in Russia is believed to have the highest buying ability.

russian mobile internet users by age

Interestingly, Nokia holds by far the largest market share in Russia. While in the West Android and iPhone are the most popular operating systems, in Russia they are barely seen as competitors to the market leader. Android shows a very strong growth, due to a large variety of devices in a lower price range than iPhone.

mobile os in russia

25% of all visits to mobile sites are made via Wi-Fi, the rest – though 3G and WAP.

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    WOW, nice article. A woman that can talk about mobile with authority is pretty awesome.

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