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82% Of Russians Use Social Networks – Go Get Them!

Social networking is huge in Russia. Already back in 2009 Russians were pronounced the most engaged social networking audience in the world. The latest statistics, according to (in Russian), say that 82% of all Internet users in Russia (which is by the way 70 million people) have an account in at least one social network. In 2010 only 52% of Internet users were socially engaged, so the increase is quite significant, as you can see.

The most “popular” Russian social network, according to rocID, is, with 73% of all Russian Internet users being registered there, followed by vKontakte (62%), MoiMir @ (31%) and Facebook (18%).

Interestingly, only 5% of Internet users had Facebook accounts in 2010, according to last year’s research.

Advertising opportunities in Russian social networks

I am sure most of us played with Facebook advertising to some extent (and probably different degree of success). Despite the strong growth throughout last year, Facebook advertising in Russia will probably not give the reach you are hoping for. There are however other options.

Odnoklassniki ads

Being the largest Russian social network, Odnoklassniki is the least flexible when it comes to advertising possibilities. They only offer banner advertising, charging CPM of 70 Russian rubles (2,3 USD or 1,75 EUR). Available targeting options are gender, age and location.

Text ads on Odnoklassniki are powered by Yandex.Direct and Begun, on CPC basis, but without social targeting.

vKontakte ads

Being a Facebook clone, vKontakte also has a similar advertising platform. The ads look somewhat similar to Facebook’s and can be targeted by:

– Gender, age, relationship status, country and city, street, metro stations etc.

– University, school and a year of graduation

– Interests and topics

Pricing models are CPC or CPM (again, just like on Facebook).

Like everything else in Russia, vKontakte advertising is not so easy to set up for non-Russian residents. They suggest to contact their sales department for more information.

MoiMir ads

MoiMir PPC advertising platform is relatively new. It was created in spring 2011. Just like Odnoklassniki advertising, Moi Mir ads are powered by and only available on CPM basis.

MoiMir ads offer not only banners, but also sponsored videos and video pre-rolls.


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