SEO and SEM for Russian search engines to launch a Russian Twitter-killer

Although it has not been officially confirmed, the rumors about a new product of Group leaked and appeared in Russian pressyesterday. According to, Group, an owner or part owner of major Russian social networks, is working on creating their own microblogging service.

Twitter has been growing rapidly in Russia, engaging more and more people month over month. According to the latest Yandex report, Twitter had over 1 million Russian accounts by June 2011. has a good user base (the group owns one of a major Russian social networks, 39,9% of another one – vKontakte, as well as instant messenger ICQ, the most popular in Russia free email service and its own search engine), and the plan is to display the “ tweets” across all platforms, so I do think there is a possibility the Russian twitter can fly, if forced.

The experts agree that this new microblogging service has a chance to gain some market share, however it is hard to say how big it will become. Many believe that the key to conquering the Russian market is being local and this being the reason for Yandex and vKontakte winning over Google and Facebook. This can be the case, of course. Another reason for this phenomenon could be that Yandex and vKotakte came first, and it is difficult to convince people switching to another product, which is essentially the same as the one they are using now..

Anna Oshkalo

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